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Left Perspective is a weekly blog about politics and current events from a left/progressive viewpoint. We value your opinion and feedback, we just ask that any comments, criticism, observations, etc., be polite, not obscene, be respectful, and not abusive. We especially value differing and contrary opinions. Remember though, that while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are NOT entitled to your own facts, truth, and reality, which have NO BIAS and are objective, even if you are not.

We reserve the right to edit comments, etc. for length and clarity. Donations are always welcome, assist in defraying our costs, and help make Left Perspective possible.

Letters to the Editor, etc., can be sent to Bert@leftperspective.com.

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The REAL split in America isn’t political or ideological, it is spiritual, and is between those who care […]

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The Trump Regime: America’s Dark Night of the Soul

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